WeSupport: WISE’s Mentorship Pipeline

We’re rolling with the punches!

It has been a crazy past few months! With everything changing and the uncertainty of how many students are coming back to Northeastern’s campus this fall, we wanted to make sure that WeSupport is adaptable and ready for anything that may come. With that being said, WeSupport’s overall structure is evolving! We’ve prepared for WeSupport to be able to run fully virtual, if necessary. That being said, we’ve altered a few things structurally to ensure that you feel the WISE community within WeSupport, no matter where you are taking classes from. Both programs work to develop the three pillars of WeSupport: personal, professional, and community.

What is WeSupport?

WeSupport is WISE’s mentorship pipeline for students, alumnae, and professionals focused on creating and fostering authentic relationships integral to personal development and professional success. Tier 1, which pairs underclassmen with upperclassmen, allows for women to expand their networks and explore their fields of interest. Tier 2 pairs upperclassmen with Northeast-based professionals and focuses on fostering professional connections by building an influential network across various industries and roles.

Who can participate?

Northeastern students and alumnae that identify as womxn! All years and backgrounds are welcome. Past members of the cohort are always welcome to reapply!

WeSupport is focused on creating meaningful, long-lasting relationships between mentees and mentors in a community that empowers womxn of all personal and professional backgrounds to engage in interdisciplinary meetings. See below to get insight into what we’re planning to have in the Fall!

The structure:

  • After undergoing applications and meeting new faces during our pairing process, each mentee will be matched with one mentor.
  • Pairs will meet a minimum of three times per semester.
  • Mentors and mentees will be guided by our session guides, provided to embed structure and a clear outline of intentions for each meeting.
  • Each pair will have check-ins with a member of the WeSupport team to track progress.
  • We will host optional community events, all virtual, and planned with the purpose of extending outside of the professional space and building relationships with womxn outside of their matches.
  • Pairs are encouraged to maintain relationships throughout their time on campus and beyond.

Mentorships are unique to each pair and focus on growth and communication between each womxn and the WeSupport community as a whole.

Tier 1

This program pairs underclassmen (1st and 2nd years) with upperclassmen (3rd to 5th years) to develop personal and professional skills that each womxn can contribute to every aspect of their lives. Tier 1 aims for womxn to meet new womxn, broaden their interests in different fields, and become an integral part of an innovative community. We want to support and create powerful, confident changemakers ready to take on the world, regardless of the major or field.

Tier 1 New Features

As we move forward we will be utilizing new programs to adapt to our new virtual structure. This makes it possible for those not on campus this semester to be able to participate fully in all of our events.

New Programs

Our events this time will be virtual! We want WeSupport to be an integral part of any member’s college experience, and to tackle this we are having MORE events. Our aim is to create a unique cohort to support you in your personal lives and get access to professional, entrepreneurial opportunities, especially during times like these when you need it most. This community structure consists of bi-monthly programs with large impact-driven events followed by smaller community events.

Virtual Icebreaker

Since large gatherings are out, we have found a great way to meet new people while adhering to social distancing! This is our version of the “speed dating” event, where our mentors and mentees get to know each other 1 on 1 and see who their potential matches could be. We will not only be using the virtual platform Icebreaker to meet your cohort and select your future mentor/mentee, but we will also be using this platform for other community events.

Online Platform

We are welcoming a new social media group of all mentees and mentors of Fall 2020 and a separate WeSupport alum group. We want you to be able to connect with all the amazing womxn that have experienced our mentorship program and expand your network, as well as get access to amazing opportunities in our new WeSupport community newsletter and Notion resource database!

Tier 1 expectations

Tier 2

Tier 2 pairs upperclassmen with alumnae and professionals based in the Northeast. Tier 2 aims to foster growth through a unique and virtual mentorship experience, creating long-lasting, authentic relationships instrumental to personal and professional development for Northeastern womxn. Mentors of this tier will be pulled from a diverse set of industries, positions, backgrounds, and passions. As an upperclassman, the realities of post-grad are quickly approaching. Our aim is for mentors to provide insight into our mentees goals, both personal and professional. With guidance from our mentors, we hope to create a place of exploration, innovating thinking, newfound understanding, and growth. For our mentors we hope to provide them a platform to share their experiences, a space to meet entrepreneurial minded individuals, make an impact on the Northeastern community, and learn from other mentors!

Tier 2 New Features


All of Tier 2’s programming and communication will be done virtually. Due to the current pandemic and desire to extend our mentors throughout the Northeast region, we have decided it is in our best interest to streamline the program to be solely virtual. Do NOT fear, we will be utilizing various online resources to ensure the best possible transition to this new experience.

Community Events

Tier 2 will be having unique personal and professional events. Though the main focus of the mentorship program is our pairings, we understand the importance of a community and the benefit of getting to know others involved in the program! We plan on having a mixture of events to help foster a community and provide insight into the other amazing members of the Tier. We plan on having networking events, mentor-lead workshops, and potentially a cooking class!


Tier 2 will have a personal touch of communication. Since this program is hand-picked, we will be provided personal check-ins monthly. Our baseline communications will also include newsletters, a LinkedIn group, and a slack channel! We are excited to have open and honest communication with our entire community.

If you’re interested in being a part of the Tier 2 cohort, feel free to apply now! If you’re interested in being a part of the Tier 1 cohort, apply here!

Tier 2 Mentee and Mentor expectations

How to Get Involved

Applications for both Tiers will be open on September 1st, and will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the 20th of September. To stay up to date follow our social media and subscribe to our newsletter!

We hope to hear from you soon! Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions, comments or concerns.

How to contact us:

Tobe (VP of WeSupport): chima.t@northeastern.edu

Nicole (Tier 1 Coordinator): klaey.n@northeastern.edu

Kate (Tier 2 Coordinator): mirabelli.k@northeastern.edu



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