WeLearn: WISE’s Interactive, Bi-weekly Workshop Series

WeLearn is WISE’s interactive, biweekly workshop series that is open to all majors, genders, interests, and skill levels. The goal of WeLearn workshops is to foster an entrepreneurial mindset that can be applied to all disciplines while learning more about what it means to work in a wide range of industries. Last semester, WeLearn held 11 different workshops, ranging from artificial intelligence with Lauren Moores from Indigo to product management with Cathrine Gunasekara from KAYAK. We also featured speakers that focused on personal development, such as our workshop on Networking for Introverts with Stephaine Toma and Public Speaking Workshop (Engage X WISE) with Rachel Rubenstein.

This semester, our WeLearn workshops introduced WISE to several start-up companies that have modernized ways of the travel and beauty industry, digital software engineering, and healthcare. Our first workshop focused on Demystifying Entrepreneurship, so we brought in Founder and CEO of Portico, Jacqueline Hampton, and Founder and CEO of Millie, Rachel Klausner. Each speaker discussed their journey and building the foundations of their business from an entrepreneur’s perspective. All three women emphasized how their innovation was rooted in “identifying a problem and finding a solution.” Jacqueline’s vision for Portico simply stemmed from her love of travel, yet constant frustration for all her unorganized, logistical travel information. The speaker presentations were followed by an ideation group workshop, in which we “identified a problem and found a solution” for a specific industry. WISE members contributed their creative ideas, inspiring us all!

After an amazing first WeLearn of the semester, we were so excited to host Kate McDonald who spoke to us about creating a sustainable consumer product and brand with Follain. Kate shared Tara Foley’s founder story, and the process each product undergoes to be considered part of Follain’s product offerings: all their products go through a rigorous 5 step approval process developed by industry environmental and health experts to ensure each product has clean ingredients that are safe and effective. Follain was the first retailer to carry exclusively clean products using a restricted ingredients list that ensure only the safest products are sold in their stores and online! After hearing Follain discuss the unsustainability in today’s consumer markets, our workshop challenged WISE to explore ways in which we could improve sustainability in services, products, production, and packaging across industries and companies.

This past week, we had the opportunity to meet with start-up, corporate travel company Lola.com. Eliana, the Founder and Co-Director of WISE, gave us a full tour of Lola’s main office in Boston’s impressive financial center and introduced us to her co-workers Tina Lin, Sonia Chevli, Julia King, and CMO Jeanne Hopkins. Our Lola event last Wednesday looked a little different from our typical WeLearn workshops, but was nonetheless successful in delivering WISE members honest advice for pursuing any realm of entrepreneurship or business. The small group and informal setting allowed our members to engage with the panelists — ask questions/advice, make personal connections — and truly benefit from the intimate atmosphere. Members were able to talk one-on-one with Lola’s head of Marketing to discuss upcoming co-op opportunities and even critique their handshakes with Jeanne!

Structure of WeLearn:

Our goal is to empower individuals from all types of backgrounds and experiences by arming them with the skill set and mindset to further their career, as well as to innovate in their day to day lives. Each workshop encourages growth and development through exposure to different industries and skills. Typically, each WeLearn begins with a brief presentation by the speaker, followed by an interactive workshop that focuses on a specific soft skill. Small groups are formed so that attendees are able to dive into discussion and explore the topic at hand. The interactive portion encourages attendees to ideate the concepts learned and apply them in various mediums. This allows attendees from all different types of majors, interests, and experiences to share their insight, which encourages a much richer and valuable discussion. As the workshop winds down, each group presents their ideas to the room for feedback. This is then followed by a wrap up discussion and reflection.

How can you get involved?

WeLearn workshops are bi-weekly, so stay tuned for announcements via our Instagram, Facebook, or weekly newsletter to hear about the next workshop! All are welcome, so feel free to stop by whenever you can! If you are interested in leading a WeLearn workshop, reach out to us anytime at NortheasternWISE@gmail.com.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or questions!



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WISE is the Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship, a club that is dedicated to supporting women interested in developing an innovative mindset.