WeLearn Table Talk: Strategic Crowdfunding with Debby Nguyen & Rachel Domb

Here are the steps to take:

  • Pick your crowdfunding platform
  • See if they have a crowdfunding course
  • Make a calculated guess for how much you want to raise
  • Pick your prizes
  • Build your campaign (a campaign video is gold)
  • Advertise!!!

Here are things to keep in mind:

  • You must constantly be talking about your campaign on ALL social media platforms. If your old friend from 2nd grade doesn’t know about your campaign, there’s a problem.
  • It’s important to prove your concept before crowdfunding.

1. Invest in a video

  • Storytelling is crucial, as this is what gets people to root for you.

2. Set a clear goal

  • Be realistic and consider what you need to raise.
  • Develop a strategy to achieve your goal!

3. Have an easy-to-understand message

  • Keep it personal—something as simple as a customized thank you note can make someone feel valued.

4. Tie your campaign to a personal cause

  • In Debby’s case, 100% of her pre-order profits were donated to CaribEd and Room to Read, two non-profits focused on children’s education.

5. Make it worth supporting

  • Debby demystified the myth that crowdfunding is something that is done alone. In fact, she states that one should never be afraid to ask for help; she got Northeastern to give her $1000 simply because she asked.

6. Outreach consistently

  • Be patient, authentic, and consistent
  • Clout doesn’t happen overnight



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