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4 min readMar 30, 2021

Life is about the journey, not the destination.

We’ve been so conditioned to think that we should be working towards the next big thing, rushing towards the finish line only to move onto the next thing on our list to accomplish. Even with school, it’s easy to look towards the end of the semester, especially as we’re three weeks away from finals week. But what about the present moment? There’s still so much joy to be had in the waiting. So, we wanted to dedicate March to reminding everyone that it’s important to live in the present moment and to take it one day at a time, to appreciate life, and to stop waiting for something “better” to come along. In spite of any bumps along the way, remember to enjoy the journey because we’re all learning and growing. So, we asked our team to reflect on this theme by looking back at the challenges we have faced while on the WISE team, and how we have grown because of these challenges.

Fernanda, our Co-VP of WeBuild, on embracing vulnerability:

One of the biggest challenges that I have faced in WISE is becoming comfortable with being vulnerable. A lot of the time, especially for entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to open up about the times when you are struggling, need help, or could be doing better. We often live in a bubble where we are encouraged to only share our wins and the times when we are ‘thriving’, but I’ve learned the importance of being vulnerable whenever I’m being challenged. I try to approach questions like ‘how are you?’ with an open-heart and engage in conversations where I’m able to speak up and ask for advice. WISE has taught me that a strong leader isn’t one that only shares its strengths and wins, but one that is rather real, kind, and honest — because that’s when you get to truly connect with others.

Maria, our VP of Operations, discusses stepping out of her comfort zone:

It can be so scary to tap into something you’ve never tried before, and the fear of failure is so real. I’ve realized that by holding myself back I am only inhibiting my ability to grow. WISE has taught me that even if I fail, at least I tried and have learned from the situation and can apply those lessons to my life. And on the other hand, maybe I succeed and accomplish something amazing! The WISE team has been my greatest support system through this challenge, and in my short 3 months on the team, I can already feel myself stepping out of my comfort zone and tapping into my creativity more than ever.

Emily, our VP of Engagement, on the challenges of a remote year:

One of my biggest challenges was staying connected. A lot of what entrepreneurship is is trying and running with new ideas, initiatives, etc. Sometimes, that can be lonely. Being remote for the past year meant a lot of work to stay connected and attentive, but so many people in the community and on the team have been so supportive of my taking my own path and trying new things! Actually, I’ve grown even closer with so many people in my past year, even though I haven’t met them in person! There’s nothing I love more than hearing what people are doing and what they’ve been testing out. WISE has taught me that if you surround yourself with other motivated and innovative women, doing what you love will really only bring you all closer.

Ho Yan, our VP of Marketing, on impostor syndrome:

Before this semester started, I was worried about stepping into my role. I didn’t have a formal education in marketing and everything I knew about marketing, I had learned on my own through different experiences. Not only that, our previous VPs of Marketing had done such amazing jobs, I felt like I would never be able to meet the bar that they set. Yet, I knew that one year after being an associate on the WISE team, I had to push myself or I would never grow. So, I tackled this fear and realized that I needed to stop comparing myself with other people. I could lead in my own unique way and put my own spin on things, rather than worrying about what other people might think. So, being on the WISE team has continually pushed me to become better and challenged me to try new things while providing me with the support I need to grow.

As we close out March, we encourage you to also think about how you have grown since the beginning of the semester. What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? Take this time to reflect on how you can slow down and live in the present moment. Even though we’re still in a virtual semester and we’re all waiting for life to return to “normal,” it’s important to take advantage of what each day has to offer and appreciate the journey.



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